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Legal Recruit is a novel, innovative and independent website which provides practice psychometric assessments for law students applying to City firms.

 If you have any comments/inquiries/need for help, please use the email contact address. However, please do follow the instructions carefully before getting in contact.

If you decide to pursue a legal career, following instructions accurately will unfortunately be an important part of your job. For example, if you need extra time during a test due to ‘reasonable adjustments’, you will be prompted to enter a figure at the beginning of the test.

Once you have a username and password, you’ll be able to use this facility until you have used up the question bank.



Examples and the British Psychological Society

Here are some examples to get you started! You may be interested in the information on the British Psychological Society website section about psychometric testing. It’s really important that you check the psychometric testing format of the law firm test you have to do, and to appreciate that our tests may have a slightly different format.


Free demonstration videos





Free practice test

You can immediately take a full online practice verbal reasoning test for free. You’ll be presented with 30 questions of the ‘TRUE’, ‘FALSE’ and ‘CANNOT SAY’ variety. After this, you’ll get a full report.

To take the trial, you should follow the instructions on the lower half of this page.

After you register, you need to login using your unique username and password, you can then do the trial assessment by going to ‘Assessments’ on the navigation bar.  If you register to be a member of Legal Recruit (top half of the page), by paying £10 through a secure server, you’ll get unlimited access to our huge bank of verbal reasoning and situational judgement test questions. This is extremely good value, as the website is enjoyable to use and the questions are of very high quality. You will get a detailed report for all tests giving your total score, including the score according to our reference population, not anyone else’s.

Verbal reasoning tests examine your ability to make safe deductions about verbal information in timed conditions. With practice, you can get better and better at them. Most, if not all, City firms use them at some stage in their application process. It’s worth getting good at them, as even if you have good exam results and work experience, you may not be given a chance to attend for interview.



Further material? Membership

We are no longer offering membership of this platform, although we will be offering existing users to use this platform for a short while longer.

All results are confidential, and only known to you (not even us). Accordingly, your data will never be passed onto a third party.


Further material? Books

Book 1 is “300 online verbal reasoning questions for law firm applicants” and Book 2 is “80 situational judgement questions for law applicants” published by Legal Recruit Press, 10 December 2011.

We have two unique books on the verbal reasoning and situational judgement tests giving useful tips about the competences behind these tests, and fully worked examples. To look at the details of these books, and to pay for them securely, please go to this part of the website.

Sample materials from these two books can be downloaded for free : Book 1 Legal Recruit Sample and Book 2 Legal Recruit Sample.


What you need

You may prefer to study in your own time, when you’re on a break between the lectures, or on the bus or Tube.

You can print all of our materials on a Mac or a PC easily, if you have Adobe Reader (freely downloadable from here).

To play the videos in high-quality, you will have to download Adobe Flash Player for free your web browser  - however we have also provided the videos in a format that you can watch on an ipad.